Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides

As I was getting ready to go to the theater to see the new Pirates installment Friday I was nervous. I thought to myself, "am I really going to spend money on this? What if it's as bad as the last two?" I mean, remember that ball thing they were rolling around in the jungle in in that one Pirates? Dullsville 2008 (or whenever it came out). But I was committed so I headed to the theater and paid my $12 to see it in 3D.

My movie going buddy, Katherine, and I got there way too early. See, she and I have what you might call "bad movie timing." If we're going to the theater to see the new Harry Potter and it starts at 7:05, we get to the theater at 7:00 and end up not being able to get in. We have done this many times. So for this one, we decided to get there 45 minutes early.

It wasn't necessary.

There was hardly any line and the theater was only about 75% full when the movie started, which helped lower my expectations even more.

Plus, getting there so early, we were forced to watch that stupid movie theater trivia that repeats itself every 4 minutes or so. We always end up chanting quietly, "Stop the madness! Start the movie!" a la Homer Simpson.

But one thing I was looking forward to about this movie was seeing it in 3D. I know I used to be a 3D hater, but in retrospect, I think I was more of a 3D misunderstander. I thought 3D glasses were still those old blue and red paper jobbies, like these:

not my real body
Until seeing the Justin Bieber movie in 3D, I didn't know 3D glasses are more like Weezer glasses these days! And 3D itself has come a long way. I'm probably not telling you anything you don't know, but these days it feels like the movie is coming right at ya, unlike the 3D of ten years ago when I saw Spy Kids 3 in 3D and took my glasses off, prefering to watch a blurred screen. Now I pretty much watch 3D movies exactly like Phil Dunphy when he saw Croctopus.

But I digress. Pirates of the Caribbean! Here's my run down:

No Kiera Knightly
No weird monkey (except for like 2 seconds)
Blackbeard looked like a legit pirate
Peg legs
Penelope Cruz
The Spanish King (Keeeey-ute!!)
An exciting quest
Wicked mermaids

No Orlando Bloom (though to be honest, I hardly noticed)
3D wasn't mind blowing, but was ok.
No Black Pearl

Overall, I'd give it a 6/10! I'm not seeing dying to see it again, but I didn't feel it was a waste of money. And I was pretty entertained! (Low expectations helped, I'm sure!)

Have any of you seen it? Whatdja think?


Katherine said...

First off, that is an amazing photo of you with the old-school 3D glasses. I, too, was ignorant of the newfandangleness of 3D until watching the Biebs, and kept wanting to reach out a la Phil Dunphy, too! I really enjoyed this newest Pirates much more than the last 2 (though I was fairly amused by the rolling ball thingy in the 3rd movie). I enjoyed 2 and 3 ok, but compared to number 4, they come across as being pretty dull! I really enjoyed the new characters and to see Captain Jack in a new situation - it's nice to see that he can adapt and keep being so completely enjoyable to watch! :)

Katherine said...

P.S. One of these days we'll get the timing down! HP7 part 2 maybe?

Heidi said...

First I love that you informed me that it isn't your real body in the picture. Hahaha I loved that. I also think that croctopus was one of my fav episodes.

As far as the movies I really liked this cast. I thought it was way more quality. I also think the plot was way better than the third one which just left me feeling weird about a giant woman/demon/whatevershewas. Overall pretty good. And canwesay excited for pirates 5 which was set up?!?!?! (insert a small measure of sarcasm....)

lizzie mc.- said...

I died laughing at the Pirates bone cage. So much of a movie is who you watch it with. Apparently you were on a date w/ a guy who had sweaty palms and cornered you next to the vending machine at work and wouldn't let you go unless you folded and accompanied him to a movie and never told you that he expected you to pay and then if that weren't enough he tried to kiss you good night and called every day since, not picking up on the fact that you seem to schedule your hair washing around his date schemes... or more likely it was just someone that's not as apt to find humor in everything. I'm excited to see your future viewing choices and opinions. Love ya!

The Tame Lion said...

I died laughing at the Pirates bone cage, too. ;)